About Me                   
As the daughter of two bankers and the sister of a civil engineer, once I
decided to pursue a career in design, I knew I was diving into uncharted
waters. I strive to tell the story behind a brand identity, a promotional
campaign, or any aspect of a project that I encounter. I have learned to
keep my mind open to all possibilities, because you never know when a
great idea may strike, and you may uncover the true potential of a design.
On a personal note, a fun night for me is staying home with friends playing
video games and board games. I have always loved mysteries and solving
puzzles, probably from playing the Nancy Drew PC Games with my mom
growing up. I love all animals, even cats, despite being allergic to them.
Finally, while I may be a more reserved person, that does not stop me
from voicing my ideas and reaching out to others to make sure they feel
a part of the team.
Want to know more? Feel free to contact me!
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